For about eleven years I designed and produced various enhancements and replacement parts for classic arcade games.  The product pages for these are preserved here for reference.

Products no longer in production:

Atari Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Multigame

Tempest/Vortex/Aliens Multigame

Sega Vector Multigame (Star Trek, Space Fury, Tac/Scan, Eliminator, Zektor)

Williams Multigame (Robotron, Defender, Joust, Stargate, Splat!, Bubbles)

Q*Bert Multigame (Q*Bert, FHMC Q*Bert, Q*Bert's Qubes)

Wells Gardner Vector Monitor Display Corrector

Replacement Ms. Pacman and Pacman Daughtercards

Atari AVG Chip Replacment (for Star Wars, Major Havoc, Space Duel, Gravitar, etc.)

Nintendo to JAMMA Adapter (Donkey Kong, Popeye, Mario Bros., etc.)

Capcom 56 pin to JAMMA Adapter (Gunsmoke, Commando, Ghosts N Goblins, etc.)

Nichibutsu to JAMMA Adapter (Mag Max, Terra Cresta, UFO Robo Dangar, etc.)

Konami 36 pin to JAMMA Adapter (Time Pilot, Gyruss, Track and Field, etc.)

Sega System 16 and 24 to JAMMA adapter (Shinobi, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, etc.)


MultiJAMMA (switch between 8 JAMMA games in one cabinet!)

Updated: 5/29/2007

2007, Clayton Cowgill