Capcom 56 pin to JAMMA adapter

I had some left over JAMMA adapters from the Williams Multigame, so I thought it would be useful to make some Capcom 56 pin to JAMMA card edge adapters.

This adapter works with games like "Legendary Wings", "Commando", "Exed Exes", "Ghosts N Goblins", "Gunsmoke", "Section Z", and "Trojan".

The JAMMA functions are labeled on the PCB in case you want to make any customizations. In addition, the JAMMA connector edge is keyed to mate to a standard JAMMA harness, and the edges are beveled with the connectors gold plated for long life and highest quality connections.

The board is priced at $25 each, fully assembled and tested.

(Click for larger image)

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • I've personally tested the adapter with Commando, Legendary Wings, Ghosts N Goblins, and Gunsmoke but is should also work with the other games listed above..
  • The adapter should only be used on original circuit boards unless you carefully verify the pinout of the clone board. (The pirate Legendary Wings PCB I had worked fine, but some may be different!)
  • Coin counters are not connected.
  • The adapter will work with the MultiJAMMA as well.

This is a pretty small run (I wasn't really planning on making this a regular product), so please e-mail to check availability before ordering.

Updated: 6/2/2001

2002, Clayton Cowgill