This page contains electronic copies of current manuals and documentation for products past and present.

You may use them for reference, to see if an installation is within your skills, or to replace a lost manual if you've already purchased a kit or purchased a used kit missing the printed manual.

These manuals are all in Adobe Portable Document Format. Programs are available for most computing platforms to read PDF files through the following link:

MultiGame.Com kit installation manuals
MultiGame Kits Description File
SW/ESB Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back Multigame Manual esb3_01.PDF
SegaMultigame Sega G-80 (Vector) Multigame Manual Sega_MG.PDF
Tempest Multigame Tempest Multigame Manual Tempest_MG.PDF
Tempest Multigame Addendum Addendum with dip switch settings and new Reset Adapter instructions. TempestAddendum.pdf
Williams Multigame Installation Instructions for Williams Multigame wmg_manual_1_0.PDF
Williams Multigame ROM Preparation Manual ROM preparation manual for Williams Multigame wmg_ROM_Manual_1_1.pdf
Q*Bert Multigame Installation Instructions for Q*Bert Multigame QBert_Manual.PDF
Vintage Manuals Description File
ESB Conversion Original Atari ESB Conversion Manual esb_conv.PDF
JAMMA Products Description File
Nintendo to JAMMA adapters Operation notes for Nintendo to JAMMA adapters NintendoJAMMA.pdf
Replacement Parts Description File
Pacman Daughtercards Installation Instructions for Pacman 284/285 replacement daughtercards pac_cards.PDF
Pacman Daughtercards Installation Instructions for replacement Pacman daughtercards (284/285 boards) New_daughtercards.pdf
AVG Replacement Installation Instructions for Atari 137179-001 chip replacment 137179.PDF
Game Upgrades Description File
Display Corrector Wells Gardner Display Corrector Installation Instructions DC_rev3.PDF
MultiJAMMA Controller MultiJAMMA 8 Controller Manual MJ_cont.PDF
MultiJAMMA Controller Rev 1.4 MultiJAMMA 8 Controller Manual, Revision 1.4 (2008 and newer) MJ_controller_Rev1.4.pdf
MultiJAMMA Switchboard MultiJAMMA 8 Switchboard Manual MJ_edge.PDF

Updated: 12/7/2008

2008, Clayton Cowgill