Due to time constraints I'm discontinuing sales of replacement semiconductors at this time. Exceptions to the rule are listed below and are generally devices that I have a large quantity available. There is also now a $20 minimum order from this page. (Selling a $2 part and charging $8 for UPS ground shipping seems a little odd to me anyway...)


Part number Description Price (each)
TMS5220-CNL Speech Chip (Star Wars, Gauntlet, Road Blasters, etc.) $10.00
SP0250 (Orator) Speech Synthesis Chip (Star Trek, Space Fury, Mach 3, etc.) $20.00 (limited avail.)
MSM6650 Sample Playback Chip (quad flat pack) $5.00
Part number Description Price (each)
Sync Buss Controller Pacman/Ms. Pacman "285" Daughtercard $20.00
VRAM Addresser Pacman/Ms. Pacman "284" Daughtercard $20.00
AVG Chip Replacement For Star Wars, Gravitar, Space Duel, Black Widow, etc. $35.00
2N3716 Transistor Wells Gardner XY Monitors (WG6100) $1.00 SALE!


Updated 5/6/2005

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