AVG Chip Replacement (137179-001)

Most of Atari's color vector games use a custom integrated circuit in the Analog Vector Generator (AVG) to handle memory addressing and stack functions. This chip (known as the "Address Controller" or the part number "137179-001") is no longer available as new replacement part from Atari or any distributors. Since these custom chips have been failing with increasing frequency over the years, I have produced a replacement to help keep those color vector games running.

The board pictured at left is simply plugged into the 40-pin AVG chip socket on a Space Duel, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Major Havoc, Gravitar, Black Widow, or Quantum circuit board and functions as a 100% equivalent to the original chip.

  • Field tested and best selling. Hundreds sold and running since introduction back in 1999!
  • 100% compatible with original 137179-001 IC's
  • Quality construction using high reliability surface mount technology and hot-air reflow assembly.
  • Full soldermask on both sides of the circuit board to help prevent shorts and damage to your expensive, original game boards. No cheap unmasked PCB's here!
  • Lowest integrated circuit count to help reduce MTBF.
  • Two diagnostic LEDs give visual status of internal AVG operation at a glance.
  • Gold plated, square mounting pins ensure maximum surface contact and strongest connection to original Atari IC sockets

The AVG Chip Replacement is priced at $30 each.

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The Original "137179-001" chip comes in this ceramic package or a plastic package (usually from "AMI")

Updated: 3/15/2004

2004, Clayton Cowgill info@multigame.com