Play Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars in your Atari Star Wars game!

The Star Wars/ESB kit is installed on an Atari Star Wars (or Empire Strikes Back) boardset and allows either game to be played with the flip of a switch. The kit has numerous features and benefits:

  • Play either game with the flip of a switch-- no need to have both a Star Wars and an Empire Strikes Back board. All you need to play both games is one working Star Wars boardset and this kit!
  • Save settings and high scores for both games
  • CPU daughtercard greatly reduces install time and is easier for beginners
  • Uses fewer EPROMs than the original game for less heat and greater reliability

Note: After 5 years of relative stability, a number of parts used in this kit have become quite scarce... Along with the rarity of the parts has come much higher costs associated with them, so I'm afaid the price on the kit is now going up. The order form has the current price. Thanks, -Clay

Be sure to check out Matt Gibson's reproduction ESB Graphics for your cabinet!

2002, Clayton Cowgill

Updated: 7/28/2002