The Q*Bert Multigame!

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The Q*Bert Multigame is a hardware/software combination that allows all three 'official' US Q*Bert releases-- Q*Bert, Faster Harder More Challenging Q*Bert, and Q*Bert's Qubes-- to be played in a single cabinet and a single boardset simply by selecting them from an onscreen menu system.

In addition, with the kit installed you have access to numerous fun and useful enhancements and features:

  • Start the machine with the menu system to pick a game, or set a "default" game to jump to automatically on power-up.
  • Press P1 and P2 start simultaneously to return to the menu system.
  • Retains high-score information for all games!
  • Q*Bert's Qubes has many enhancements-- on onscreen menu for setting difficulty, coinage, knocker, and other options.
  • Colorful, animated menu system with sound effects.
  • Hypnotic automatic screen saver for the menu system.
  • Field upgradable to run more new or classic games-- just replace some socketed chips when an upgrade is available!

(Menu page for the Multigame Menu System. The "FHMC Q*BERT" is dancing up and down, kinda hard to tell from the still image!)

(New Options menu in Q*Bert's Qubes)

Installation is about as simple as this type of thing can be. You remove about a dozen socketed chips from the board and simply plug in three daughterboards that make up the kit. One capacitor must be soldered in place and if you want to have P1 Start + P2 Start call the menu, six more wires must be soldered in place.

The MultiGame Menu is called on power-up, and can be recalled by pressing both the P1 and P2 "start" buttons simultaneously.

New game features (such as on-screen difficulty setting) are accomplished through the standard setup-screens for each game or the dip switches.

Updated: 9/29/2002

2002, Clayton Cowgill