The Q*Bert Multigame Hardware Pictures

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The Q*Bert Multigame kit consists of the above components. A minimal install requires soldering a single capacitor. A full install requires another six wires to be soldered to allow calling the menu by pressing the P1 and P2 Start buttons simultaneously. In either case, nine socketd chips are removed from your Q*Bert CPU board and the three daughtercards pictured above are plugged in.

The Q*Bert Multigame kit is pictured installed on a Q*Bert PCB at left. Click on the image for a larger picture. The P1+P2 Start button adapter is mounted where the old battery backup used to be.
This is the heart of the Q*Bert Multigame. The CPU daughtercard provides memory backup for scores as well as all the program code and switching logic for the game.
The ForeGround Expander provides the graphics for all the sprites in the Q*Bert games. Note that the daughtercard is actually socketed for larger EPROMs-- the kit can support up to 8 games (without doing anything tricky) in case I (or others) write more new games.
The BackGround Expander provides the graphics for all the game and menu system playfield graphics. The BackGround Expander is also capable of supporting up to 8 full sets of graphics (including banking support such as with Q*Bert's Qubes).

Updated: 9/29/2002

2002, Clayton Cowgill