Nintendo to JAMMA adapter (with video and audio conversion)

Here are the new design of my Nintendo to JAMMA adapters.

The adapters feature a built-in video color inverter to display the Nintendo-type video on a standard JAMMA cabinet monitor. They also include a 2W audio amplifier with volume control on-board to provide sound in your JAMMA cabinet when using an original Nintendo circuit board.

The JAMMA connector edge is keyed to mate to a standard JAMMA harness, and the edges are beveled with heavy gold plating for long life and highest quality connections.

(deluxe adapter - Click for larger image)

The deluxe Nintendo to JAMMA adapters include RGB color output adjustment pots which can be useful adapting the output levels to match certain types of monitors.

The adapter is professionally constructed using corrosion resitant, gold-plated circuitboards (not just gold edge connectors) with modern surface-mount components.

Deluxe adapters are $40/ea.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • These adapter uses op-amps to invert the colors. They are pre-adjusted for color balance although you can tweak them yourself.
  • Adapters have been tested with Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3, and Popeye.
  • The adapter should only be used on original Nintendo circuit boards. (Not pirate boards-- it might work on a pirate PCB, but it might not!)
  • Nintendo boards require -5VDC to operate. Be sure your JAMMA power supply has a -5V supply capable of supplying the current needed for your Nintendo board.
  • "Jump" is wired to JAMMA's number 1 fire button for each player.
  • Your Nintendo boards will need to be equiped with the "rainbow" cable that connects both circuit boards together to provide them with power.
  • If your JAMMA cabinet has a "service" switch, it is connected to the "service" input on the Nintendo board.
  • Coin counters are not connected. Nor is the +24V supply on the Nintendo board (which is used for the coin counter).
  • The adapter will work with the MultiJAMMA as well.

Updated: 2/20/2004

2004, Clayton Cowgill