Sega G-80 Multigame!

The Sega G-80 Multigame is a hardware/software combination that allows all the released Sega Vector Games (Star Trek, Eliminator, Space Fury, Tac/Scan, and Zektor) to be played from a single hardware platform.

The Multigame presents an on-screen menu (pictured at right) that allows selection of any game as well as test functions. All games have been re-mapped to allow play from a Star Trek control panel in single-player mode. Original versions of each game are also included.

The Multigame upgrade consists of a daughtercard that connects to the CPU board and a replacement PROM (also on the CPU board).

Audio switching is not automatic at the moment. That will be handled by a separate audio mux board. Someday we'll (hopefully) have an all-in-one sound card.

(This means that currently you'll need three sound cards to hear sound for all five games. Star Trek and Tac/Scan share the same sound card; Zektor and Eliminator can use the same sound card; and Space Fury has its own sound board.) All games will play without all the sound cards-- things just won't always sound right.

(Title screen and Menu page for the Multigame Menu System.)

(Multigame Daughtercard and Security Chip bypass plug. The Z-80 from the CPU board is used on the daughtercard.)

The Multigame Daughtercard and Security Plug install onto a Sega Vector game CPU board. Once installed the orginal EPROM board can be removed. (Saving power and reducing heat-related stress on the system.)

All the games are contained on a single 27C040 EPROM (27C080 is also supported). Two latches are available for bank selection and to support the audio switcher and video adjustment add-ons.

Testing new software for the G-80 is greatly simplified since an EPROM emulator can be plugged into the EPROM socket on the daughtercard.

All the games will play from a Star Trek control panel. "System Reset" and "Menu" switches may be wired to the daughtercard and placed where desired on the game. (System Reset is optional and included for programmers.)

(Spinner Interface)

  Spinner Interface:
The spinner interface is a replacement for the Sega "Single Player Control Panel Interface" that connects to the spinner knob and control panel buttons on Star Trek, Zektor, and Tac/Scan. These are useful for making your own control panels and replacing missing parts from existing games.

These are once again available in very limited quantites! ($35 each)

The Spinner Interface is shown with a .156" header across the top. It's shipped with this section empty so it can be used with either the Mate-n-Lock 3x5 connector on original games, or wired into a custom cabinet using a header or by soldering wires to the board.

The Sega Multigame is $99 plus $7 shipping in the US. International shipping charges are higher.

Installation instructions in .PDF format are now available. Click HERE.

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Updated: 4/29/99

1999, Clayton Cowgill