The Williams Multigame Menu System provides a variety of options to customize to your liking.

The main menu screen is accessed by starting the "setup" menu selection from the menu system. It provides a menu of options. The pointer is moved with P1 start button and a menu item is run with the P2 start button.
The control panel input test allows you to quickly test all the control inputs for all the supported games from one screen. Left and Right joystick states are shown (in the picture the left stick is up and right, and the right stick is facing left). The buttons are listen bottom and center (dark green is inactive-- they turn bright green when pressed.
Setting a default game will result in the Multigame Menu System not running on power-up or reset. Instead, the machine will directly run the selected game-- in effect the multigame is invisible to anyone. To "re-enable" the menu the machine is reset with the "Auto-up" switch closed.
The Show/Hide games menu allows certain games to be hidden from the menu. You can use this to disable games you don't want to add control for, disable games you don't own, or to hide the Setup menu from view. The Setup menu can be re-activated by resetting the machine with the Auto-up switch closed.
The Erase Score/Settings menu allows the user to force the contents of the battery-backed up memory for a particular game to be erased.
Fast Boot Control kicks ass! When fast-boot is enabled, selecting a game from the menu system jumps directly to the game's attract mode-- no "rug pattern test", no "Initial tests indicate..." stuff to sit through.
Color bars are available to help set-up the game's monitor easily... is a convergence grid.

At any time pressing P1 and P2 start simultaneously will reset the machine. If the menu is enabled it will appear after a reset.

Updated: 3/20/2001

2001, Clayton Cowgill