Entertainment Sciences "Bouncer"

Entertainment Sciences made quite a splash in the video gaming magazines in late 1983 and early 1984 with screenshots of "Bouncer". The Bouncer is controlled by a trackball with the object being to remove undesirable characters from the bar before they annoy the other patrons.

The graphics were quite impressive for the day-- very high resolution (looks to be close to 640x480) with professionally drawn and animated charaters. Video Games magazine (March, 1984) wrote "This game is unique in that there are 500 original images as compared to 50 or less in the average arcade video game".

Gameplay takes place over four venues comprised of "Hussang's Cantina", "Gulley's", "Studio 64", and "The Ritz". At the end of each game round as long as there is at least one happy customer the player advances to the next round. Video Games magazine describes the hardware as "it's a real-time image processor with 1 million bytes of memory, 3 eight-bit and 1 sixteen-bit microprocessor, high resolution graphics and full speech capability.
It's unknown to me if the game ever shipped (and if not, if any prototypes exist anymore) but if anyone has any screen shots or leads on more Bouncer information I'd love to hear it!

Updated: 6/27/99

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