Astro Blaster Program Hacks

This is a software hack I did a number of years ago (before MAME even!) to make Astro Blaster a little less frustrating to play!

These are two patched ROMs for the "latest" Astro Blaster ROM set that slows down fuel consumption and increases the cooling rate of the laser. (Basically you're less likely to run out of fuel or firepower when you need it!)

You can use them either one at a time, or both at once. Sorry, but I've forgotten which is which! Just burn them onto a 2Kx8 EPROM and replace the ROM with the same number on the ROM board in the Astro Blaster card-cage.

(EDIT: Matt Rossiter was kind enough to try these out and send me the results, so now you don't have to guess which is which!)

AB_891B.BIN (faster laser cooling)

AB_889B.BIN  (slower fuel utilization)

Have fun!

Updated: 12/22/2000 2/5/2010!

2010, Clayton Cowgill