(original version 10-29-2013)

Clay Cowgill, October 29th, 2013

I figured that anything 'nice' looking (painted normally) would look out of place, so a rusty/decaying coin door would look good with the old distressed stone/cement look of the cabinet.  Has a nice Half-Life 2 vibe to it.

I started with a somewhat banged up (but not nearly enough) coin door:

"Rusting' the door starts off just like painting the cabinet.  'Monster mud' is tinted slightly orange and unevenly slathered on the door.

A dark, rusty orange is then painted all over the part.

The dark orange is dried and then a thinned down wash of 'dark earth' is sputtered on (intentionally unevenly) with the airbrush and a sponge.  Some spots are darker than others and I let gravity pull the wet paint to generate some realistic 'runs'.

To finish it off, a dilute bright orange paint is dabbed wet with a paintbrush wherever it makes sense that moisture would accumulate and 'run'.

I then follow up with the airbrush using about the same palette of colors to blend in drips/runs of rust down the cab.